Urgent Care Bunny:

Buddy - Silver Martin, Male

Buddy was surrendered by his owners after they were given him and soon realized Buddy had teeth issues. A condition some bunnies get called Malocclusion - pretty much buck teeth for bunnies. Since a rabbit's teeth grow their whole life, this condition is not only an annoyance to the bunny, it can be life threatening.

Normally when a bunny chews they file down their teeth, but this condition causes the incisors, his front teeth, to not line up, the natural filing action doesn't happen. So it causes the teeth to grow to an out of control length, eventually growing into the opposing gum line and preventing the bunny from being able to chew or eat, putting them into a lot of pain.

Owners of bunnies with this condition must bring the bunny to the vet to have the teeth continuously filed down, which can be very costly. Unfortunately for Buddy, his owners could not afford to continuously provide proper care for him and felt they had no other option than to give him to the shelter.

That's where we came in. We quickly were able to get Buddy into foster care and currently are trying to raise funds for his incisor surgery. We are asking people to donate to Buddy's medical needs via our website. One was is a direct donation or people might want to sponsor him.

With Easter on it's way, please consider virtually fostering a bunny in need. Buddy needs your help.

Spring Arrivals!

Spring has barely sprung and the new babies of 2014 are arriving. A good Samaritan rescued a domestic bunny hopping near her work. She knew a domestic bunny could not survive in the wild and she made attempts to catch it. As luck would have it she did.

This bunny turned out to be a mommy and there were "buns in the oven". To her rescuers surprise soon 5 little ones were born. These bunnies along with their mama, who is now named Penelope, will be available for adoption in about two months.

However, before adopting a bunny, please remember they are living creature and a 10 year commitment. Never adopt an animal lightly.

Stay tuned for updates.

Upcoming Events:

Fiber Fest - Madison Bouckville Campgrounds - June 14th and 15th, Rt 20, Bouckville, NY

Want to Give up Your Rabbit?

We are usually inundated with requests to take injured, neglected, abandoned/stray, sick or shelter overflow rabbits. Given that our foster home number is limited, we have had to prioritize intakes to those groups. Many people also write asking us to take their pets, as they've not realized the level of care or attention bunnies need, or they have not spayed or neutered, they have impulse-purchased, they are moving and have not planned for their animals, etc..

We regret that this is impossible for us to do except in the most dire circumstances (such as terminal illness). Sometimes becoming more educated about your rabbit will solve the issues you are having; we can advise with that. We can refer you to vets who spay and neuter. We can refer you to shelters in your area with good rabbit adoption programs.

If you must surrender your pet.

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